Regular Batch – Evening (2 years)
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This batch is for students who are pursuing their Graduation, Post-Graduation or are Employees.

Most of the time, students or employees go for Civil Services preparation in the evening time or weekend time in order to fulfil their desire to become Administrators. But what happens is that they go to coaching in the evening and get busy in the morning time, with their work. They don’t have time to revise the topic which they have listened to the previous day, in the class. By this they lose their hold on the topic and they may not get the perfection required by the UPSC Exam.

So, Ekalavya IAS Academy has brought a Revolutionary Program for the Evening Batch in Vijayawada for the first time in decades. What we do is simple. We have extended the one-year preparation into two years. We will handle the class when the student’s academic program doesn’t have Examinations; during exams, we will give the time for at least one month. This will ensure that the student can be strong with his/her Academics and need not worry about missing the classes in our Academy.

With the time/space that we provide, they can revise the Civil Service topics and practice the test series. The most effective thing is that the student will a chance to pay the fee for IAS coaching in two parts as it is a continuous program of two years.

Take a decision to join in any Academy in Vijayawada, Hyderabad or Delhi, but do take it very carefully. No academy in India can guarantee a Rank for its students.

But Ekalavya IAS Academy has openly announced Rank Guarantee Program. What is at the root of our Clarity and Confidence?

  • 1. We have limited number of students in the Morning Batch (50 Students).
  • 2. We take Admissions based on an Evaluation Test of student’s Mindset.
  • 3. We will have Objective and Descriptive exams every 15 days.
  • 4. Daily News Paper Evaluation through Current events APP.
  • 5. Fixed Schedule and no class will be suspended without a serious cause.
  • 6. Subject wise revision and Test Series for Prelims and Mains.
  • 7. 10 Months Classroom structure for extensive explanation of subject.
  • 8. Own Study Room for every batch for whole day for the whole year.
  • 9. Separate Crash course and test series before Prelims and Mains Exams conducted by UPSC.
  • 10. Special Classroom Programs by our Mentors (Previous Rankers).

We would like also to add that IAS Institutions can only guide you to prepare for civil services exam by giving the basic path and guidelines. From there the student should handle the path and drive the path with a Ranker’s mindset. So, the Institution’s share of success is limited to 10 percent only. The rest in on the student. This is a reality which many people find hard to accept, but it is a primary truth.

Our main objective is to help you to MAKE YOUR SUCCESS by your own self. It is learning - “How to think, not what to think”.

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